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Full Face of Makeup Feat. Romantic Beauty Products!

Full Face of Makeup Feat. Romantic Beauty Products!

The more Romantic Beauty continues to add professional-quality cosmetics to our collection, the more eager we are to share them with every makeup-lover out there! With more influencers testing out our new arrivals, the more people can discover and fall in love with our products! 

Because of her amazing talent and recurring support of our brand, Romantic Beauty sent @steph_blogsmakeup an array of some of our new arrivals to create an entire makeup look with Romantic Beauty Products. As always, Steph did NOT disappoint, delivering a captivating full-glam.

To achieve this jaw-dropping look, these are the Romantic Beauty items Steph used:

Eyes:  Our iconic Midnight Silhouette palette!


To create the beautifully blended gradient eyeshadow, Steph used shade #1 as transition shade in the crease area blending upwards in circular motion. Then, she patted shade #3 in her out “V” and blended that into shade #1. To give a warmer eyeshadow look, she used shade #2 to blend upwards into the transition shade and create a smokey effect. Finally, shade #4 was used in the inner corner of the lid, patting it on with a small flat brush for a light-to-dark transition.

To intensify the look, Steph used our convenient 2-in-1 eyeliner and mascara, using the thin applicator to create a sharp winged eyeliner and the mascara to volumize her eyelashes free of clumps. She then used our Bright Color eyeliner in yellow to trace the black winged eyeliner for a vivid pop of color. 

To highlight and contour, she used this same 3-in-1 palette to chisel her face to prediction and achieve a blinding, full-glam highlight.


To obtain perfect Instagram-ready eyebrows, Steph used our retractable Exquisite eyebrow pencil that has a perfect angled tip to create hair-like shading with every stroke! After filling in her eyebrows, she used the small spoolie brush to comb her eyebrows and tame them into place.


For the kissable pout, Steph effortlessly applied our creamy rich Red Art Gallery bullet lipstick in shade #4 for an instant fuller lip appearance and topped it off with our clear gloss for an ultimate shine! 


To set her entire makeup into place, Steph used our new Setting Spray in the scent Peony, immediately absorbing excess oil and refreshing her face with a floral mist! Available in six alluring aromas, finding your spray is easy!


Be like Steph and fall in love with Romantic Beauty and the endless possibilities of the makeup looks you can create!! Don’t forget to tag @RomanticBeautyUSA in all your looks featuring our products for a chance to be featured in our social media as well as possibly collaborate with our brand! 


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